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Maldives Welcomes Long-term Leasing of Villas

The Maldives welcomed a transformative legal milestone – Regulation No. 2023/R-154; Regulation on the Long-term Lease of Tourist Properties on Strata Basis. The Regulation was published on the Gazette on 5th September 2023.
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Taxation Guide for Foreign Investors

The purpose of this guide is to provide a brief outline about the current Maldivian tax rules. This guide will prove to be useful for any foreign investor pursuing investment opportunities in the Maldives. The rules governing tax are still in its infancy stage in the Maldives with various updates.
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Maldives Foreign Investment Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help foreign investors that intend to set up business operations in the Maldives. In the tourism sector, foreign investors are given the opportunity to fully own tourist resorts, tourist hotels, and tourist vessels subject to a few government policy limitations.
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