About Us

At AWG we provide strategic advisory and project management services for acquisitions and developments that produce market-leading returns on hotel and hospitality assets.


For investors from around the world the Maldives offers a unique backdrop to develop their dream tourism property.


The options for development are endless. Your investment could be on an idyllic island fringed with powdery white beaches and bordered by crystal clear waters that offers you complete freedom and exclusivity in design and development. Or it can be on a cluster of two or three islands set in close proximity to each offering an excellent opportunity for a highly creative and innovative concept. Smaller guesthouse properties and resort developments on dedicated areas of inhabited islands are also exciting prospects for investors looking to invest in smaller projects with the opportunity to include culture and elements of island life in their product offerings. AWG offers an inventory of new greenfield properties and resorts in operation currently available for purchase.


AWG is helmed by a strong team with a wealth of collective experience in property investment and project management in the Maldives. Our in-depth knowledge of local regulations and processes ensures smooth and efficient facilitation of transactions, helping investors achieve consistent success in their investment endeavors.


Since inception, we have advised a number of investors including renowned international hotel developers in successful transactions.